Performing Arts Ministry

  • Performing Arts Ministry is a ministry where we use our God given gifts and talents to minister in creative performances. The two major areas are dance and drama. These arts are used during church services, on the streets and at various events and occasions.


  • To share the truth of the word of God
  • To positively inspire the audience
  • To tell biblical stories
  • To convey a message that must align with the word of God
  • To entertain
  • To worship and praise God
  • To engage in spiritual warfare
  • To develop our gifts and talents


The word of God encourages us to praise God with a dance. We thus create dance routines to suit the specific event or occasion, all to the glory of God. We employ excellence in everything we do and therefore take our time to perfect each move; lots of hard work training. We also take time to share the word of God and pray together, developing our spiritual rhythm and muscles.


  • You must be a bible believing child of God who has confessed Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
  • You should have rhythm in your bones.
  • You should have a teachable spirit.
  • You should be reliable
  • You should be ready to give your all!!

 Psalm 150:4, Ecclesiastes 3:4, Psalm 30:11

Dances From the Past:



This is a powerful tool that God has inspired us to use. Drama is very engaging and sometimes communicates more than language does. The dramas we create can be as short as 5minutes or as long as 2hrs. It mostly depends on the event and occasion. So far our two main annual shows are Easter and Christmas dramas. We work closely with the dance ministry as we put together musicals which involve a reasonable amount of dance and mime.


  • A teachable spirit
  • Diligence and consistency
  • Willing and able to learn

Pictures from “It’s A Christmas Day” drama in December 2013,  directed by Sandy Lindstedt.


Pictures from the Easter Drama “I Am” in April 2014,  directed by Sandy Lindstedt.

THE CHRISTMAS CONCEPT (Joy to the World) -2014

Last year’s christmas expression was a joint venture by the units in Smyrna-Central. The Christmas concept  entitled, “Joy to the World”,  was held on the 14th of December @ 16:00 & 19:00.

It was well attended and a real blessing to both those on stage and the audience…glory to God!
If you missed it, below is a video of it…enjoy!


2015 – June 7th during a Super Sunday.

Dance to indescribable by Kierra Sheared.


2015 – December 13th during the Christmas celebration

The children performed a christmas drama, “Just a little Christmas”

Unfortunately, the sound and lights are not well done but most of the story is in there.

Enjoy!!(if you can :-))


2016 – April 17th

We put together a short Easter drama entitled, “He Paid It All”.

We trust that the message will inspire you to confess and repent, surrendering your life to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. He will give you meaning and purpose for this life and the one to come.

Jesus loves you and so do we!!! <3


2016 – September 25th during our 20th Anniversary.

Dance to “Bless me” by Donald Lawrence.