Are you Interested in joining one of our exciting small-groups?

Are you a newcomer or a regular here in this city or here at church? Or do you just long to be a part of a smaller  group in the course of the week? Maybe you want to build new godly relationships, grow in faith and share life with other christians?

Then small-groups are exactly the right place for you. Come and join us!

We get together in different homes or in our church facilities every week where fellowship is of central focus. We get to know one another, enjoy some snacks, share faith and life, create an environment for growth when we pray and read the Bible together.

Don´t hesitate, register by filling in the contact form and join us today!

Note that there is also a SPANISH SPEAKING small-group. Please insert on the contact form if you specifically want to join a Spanish speaking small-group




Hello all Small Group friends & leaders!

Autumn is now underway and we are starting up with KICKOFF for all Small Groups! Bring your Small Group friends and join in with your group next Sunday 8/10, after the service, at 14.00-17.00

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Two occasions this autumn and three occasions later in the spring. We wish all leaders and those interested in being leaders to attend this training. It is equally important regardless of whether you have been a Small Group leader for only 1 week or if you have been for 30 years. And above all, YOU are important to the others who walk with you. It does not cost anything and will be in both English and Swedish.

We also offer coffee 🙂

Pass 1: Thursday 26/10 at 18.00-19.30

Pass 2: Thursday 23/11 at 18.00-19.30

REGISTER for the TRAINING by mailing to


Here are some testimonies of what the small-groups have meant to those who have been part of them, for a short and long time:

I am from Kenya and I have been on an exchange programme here in Gothenburg for the last four months. The first time I attended service at Smyrna I was told about the small groups and I was encouraged by one of the Small-group leaders, Margaret, to attend their meeting on the coming Tuesday. I knew of home groups but I hadn’t been part of one before so I was quite interested in knowing what they were about.
I am forever glad that I made the decision to go to the meeting because it was a forum where we were able to share our experiences, read the Scripture, and intercede on each other’s behalf. Sweden can prove to be cold in more ways than one, especially for a person not from these parts of the world; a lot of the international students pursuing their studies here often cite loneliness and even depression as challenges they have had to grapple with. That has not been my experience! The small-group provided me with a social support system where I could discuss my challenges, learn from the experience of others and Tuesday evenings has since been the highlight of all my weeks. I have also made, hopefully, life-long friendships from the small-group and it has allowed me to get to know more members of the Smyrna Congregation. I am eternally grateful to Margaret, Linda, Jacque, Elizabeth and Rhoda who welcomed me into their small-group, into their homes and for having been there for me during my stay here in Gothenburg!



Small-group has been a place for me to develop close relationships with members and to be able to freely open up about life’s joys as well as struggles. I started coming to Smyrna April 2015. Since I was new and didn’t know many people, I thought joining a homegroup would be a good platform for getting to know people as well as receiving deeper Bible teaching. Beyond this, I was so glad to be able to gain a family. People I could share my life with openly without feeling judged.I especially find my small-group rich in that it is culturally very diverse with each member coming from a different country and all walks of life. This has really given wider and diverse insights into perceptions of biblical teachings and their application. Debates, discussions and reflections help to challenge my faith especially coming from a so called “traditional” Christian background.

For more information about how you can get involved, fill in the form on the contact page and we`ll get back to you as soon as we can.