Movie night

Movie Night

Movie Night is a get together for anyone who wants to spend a few hours watching a great movie.  We desire to build strong relationships as we endeavor to connect in our daily lives through our hobbies and various forms of fun and entertainment.

We choose our movies wisely and after each movie we discuss the morals, concepts, lessons and themes surrounding the film.

This is an open event and offers a great time for students, families and individuals to hang out and get to know one another in a very laid-back environment. If you want to have snacks with you, you are welcome to bring some of your choice.

If you know someone who is new in town, give them a call and bring them along.

Do spread the word and expect a great night out!!


Time: 18.30 @Smyrnakyrkan

For any more details or queries please fill in the form on our contact page and we`ll get back to you as soon as we can.

God Bless you!


April 19th we watched “The Butler”