Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry is a ministry that was founded with the purpose of bringing women together in a social atmosphere to learn, share and grow together.


  • Titus 2:3-5 to learn from each other’s faith in Jesus Christ and experiences.
  • Ephesians 4:28 to share our gifts and resources as well as establish a network to create lucrative ideas and work opportunities.
  • Ephesians 2:10 to do God’s work that He has prepared for us. Advancing God’s kingdom through ministries that equip women to grow, serve, and reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who: Women of all ages, sizes and races.


  • Meet together in a more informal setting to worship and share from the word of God. We encourage dialogue where we discuss the word shared and question and answer type of interaction.
  • Carry each others’ burdens and joys in prayer.
  • Recognize and celebrate each others’ special days; birthdays, weddings,baby-delivery days, graduation and any other special occasion.
  • Mobilize mission possibilities eg, to the homeless, hospitals, prisons, streets etc.
  • Plan fun entertaining activities so as to be glad and enjoy together.

How to be involved: If interested in being in the mailing list to get more information as well as sms reminders, please fill in the form on our contact page giving us your details.



Blessed Mothers’ Day 2021 to all our fantastic mothers from our children’s ministry! <3






We would like this to be a year where we set ourselves up for divine encounters with God as we fellowship together.

Below are some of the past events…

December 7th – The Lord’s Julbord

September 21st – Harvest Brunch

April 13th – Your Body is the Temple

February 16th – The Love Fest Dinner



We have started this year in style, seeking the face of God to confirm His plan for us.

April 21st

Join us for a time of testimony.

The women’s ministry has been on a stand still in 2016, for a year.
However, we have now resumed and believe God for a new dimension of glory as the women come together to serve each other and be empowered by The Holy Spirit.
Our first and upcoming event of the year is the spring brunch.
April 29th, 2017
Spring brunch!!!
Sandy Lindstedt
Special guests:
Camilla Olsson – Pastor at Connect Church
Amanda Göransson – Author of “Warrior Woman Arise”
Sounds of Hope – Lead Worship
Margaret Od0baiwu – Singer
Annette Runsteen – Singer
May 27th, 2017
This month we will have an event entitled, “Tea and Testimonies”
We will also take time to have a book club discussion of  the powerful book, “Warrior Woman Arise”.


July 29th, 2017

This month we will have a movie night with a discussion following thereafter. We will watch “The War Room”, a movie that shows the unseen spiritual realm, our responsibility as believer in engaging in spiritual warfare and the power of prayer.

October 28th, 2017

This month we will have an event titled, “Passion for Fashion” which celebrates the gift of creativity in fashion. We will have a catwalk where various garments will be displayed and an empowering storyline communicated. You don’t want to miss this!!




Below are clips from some of the meetings we’ve had since 2014:

February 2014

A word by Nelisa Freitas, “The Authentic You”


March 2014

A word by Lorna Hamren from 1Peter 2:9, “We are a peculiar people”

April 2014 A word by Sandra Namarome, “The Ideal Woman”.

May 2014 A word by Herta Boakye-Dahl and Sandy Lindstedt, “A Woman of Purpose- A Woman of Destiny”.

June 2014 A time of testimonies, worship and prayer led by Kiumbiro M. Pentecost weekend reflection and activation with focus on Acts 2:17-21. It was fully charged with The HolyGhost power leading to the prophetic and words of wisdom…halleluyah!

July 2014 A word by Kiumbiro M. on “how to overcome temptation”

August 2014 A word by Uduak Richards on Romans 8:28-37 themed as “We are more than conquerors”

September 2014 This was held at Isioma Ikuh’s home as we celebrated her newly born daughter, Rhema Ikuh.

October 2014 This was on the 27th of September at 14:00-16:00 with the topic in focus being, “Faith”.

November 2014 We had an amazing time with a word about “intimacy with The King” from the book of Esther 1&2 brought to us by a visiting student, Tayo. We then had a surprise baby shower for Udwak Richards, the leader of the Women’s Ministry…we indeed had a good time!! Thank you Lord Jesus!!! <3

December 2014

Our annual end of year dinner was on the 13th of December from 18:00-24:00. Our speaker was the amazing woman of God, Jolomi Sagay Karlsson, the author of the prophetic book, “Marriage, Family and Faith”. We were challenged and encouraged as she exposed a few things and shared essential nuggets from the word of God coupled up with her own experiences. Below is an album from the wonderful evening….

Thank you God for 2014, we have been amazed by your goodness!!
 Welcome to the New Year, 2015!
We will continue with our Women’s Fellowship every first Saturday of the month.
Please book these dates in: March 7th, April 4th, May 9th, June 6th, July 4th,
August 1st, September 5th, October 3rd, November 7th and finally our annual dinner on December 19th.
February 2015
We started off with our first meeting on February the 7th.
Our Speaker was Towa Beckenham who shared about, “living life to the fullest “.
It was a great discussion and an inspiring focus on having a sight of eternity.
March 2015
Lorna Hamren shared a message from Psalm 1:1-5.
It was a wonderful discussion about the company we keep, who we get counsel from, the power of our tongue and the importance of delighting in the word of God and  meditating upon it day and night!
April 4th, 2015
A word by Sandra Namarome, “How to get back on your feet”
May 2nd, 2015
A baby blessing ceremony for Uduak’s new-born son. It was a time of fun, food and fellowship. We thank God for the gift of childbirth and new life and we bless Nsikak-Abasi with long life and good health…may he walk in the presence and the fear of The Lord, amen!!
June 1st & 6th, 2015 
On the 1st we visited our sister Towa Beckenham to check on her and pray with her as she recuperates from an accident.
On the 6th we visited our sister Eonnick Halldorf to pass our condolences for the loss of her father as well as to pray with her as she nurses a broken leg.
July 4th 2015
We visited our sister Rhoda who just gave birth to the beautiful Jewel…glory to God!!!
August 1st, September 5th, October 3rd, November 7th 2015
We met from 14:00-16:00 at the church.
December 5th 2015
 We had our annual dinner from 18:00-00:00. It was lots of fun, fellowship, testimonies, good food, powerful word and building of new relationships…! 😊
If you missed it, you really missed out…😔
 We thank God for 2015, God has been faithful!!!! ❤️🌹