Catch The Fire!

Lately, i’ve been feeling very restless in my spirit. It’s hard to fully describe the feeling but it’s a really frustrating one. It’s like I can see the spiritual poverty in the city as well as the lack of fire in the church. You know what I mean?…the city is as usual, with the routined busy-ness that we now call life while church is also trapped in status quo, managing weekly activities with the climax of a normalised Sunday gathering. The worst thing, which brings my frustration to a heightened level, is the general lack of awareness from both ends.

So here I am questioning everything, as I reason with God, wanting Him to make things clear to me. You see, I have been in this very situation a few times before where I sense a frustration that is in essence, a divine nudge to propel me into action. Many times God has used this frustration to get my attention towards an urgent task at hand.

As I continue to linger in His presence, seeking His face and His voice for clear instructions, I begin to put the pieces together in just a week of daily divine happenings that seem so normal but are totally orchestrated by God alone. I am amazed at how He works, and to think  that I sometimes imagine I’ve figured Him out but I realise now even more that i’ve only just scratched the surface. God is SUPER!! He keeps blowing my mind!

It’s time for the church to catch the fire!! The city will not change otherwise. Lives will remain untouched, souls lost, destinies unfulfilled and the city forever poor in spirit.

It’s time for the church to catch the fire! We need a daily anointing that will grow us, break yokes in society and bring life and freedom to the city. This daily anointing is available for us but we have to want it! The fire will only come when we hunger for it, when we go for it as though nothing else matters!

I’m not talking about an individual but all of us together – The Church, the Children of God, the Body of Christ.

Let’s choose God’s agenda, let’s choose life! Let’s catch the fire! The Holy Ghost fire!

John 20:19-23, 2Corinthians 5:18-20


Come and be a part of what God is doing in Europe through “Awakening Europe”.

Let’s catch the fire and disturb the normal!


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