Happy New Year!!

What a remarkable year 2020 has been.
Remarkable according to the dictionary is explained as:
‘unusual, surprising and worth mentioning. Likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary.’ Yes, it will definitely be a year we will never forget. But now, we stand on the brink of a new year.
Maybe you haven’t placed your expectations and resolutions at the same level as you usually would. There are still so many questions regarding what we will be able to achieve during 2021.
What limitations we will need to live by.
One favourite quote first heard late summer 2019, but that has been a guideline especially during 2020 is: ‘Learn how to think and live inside the box’ (compared to thinking outside the box).
It demands so much more creativity, but is also a so much more stimulating and exciting world to discover.
Whatever the future may hold, we hope you will not give up, but hold on to faith & hope and that your 2021 will be your greatest year yet!
God bless you richly.
Gothenburg 2020-12-31
/Mark & Towa 


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