God and Chips

I’ve had a long, busy day and I’m finally headed home. It’s quite late, I’m a bit hungry and I have such a craving for chips. So I’m having this conversation with God telling Him how chips would do me good right about now as I head towards my apartment building. Suddenly, my conversation is interrupted by a voice calling out to me (not from above). Lo and behold, the pizzeria guy who’s supposed to be closed for the day, hands me a plate of chips with no order and no pay.

It’s exciting to walk with God and have a personal relationship with Him. I’m still always amazed to realize how concerned He is about every detail of my life, even the very thing I think is down-right chip (very small and worthless).

Friends, one thing I am certain of is that God is willing and able to grant us the desires of our hearts if we will delight in Him, if we will acknowledge Him in All our ways, if we will allow Him to be Lord over every area of our lives. He is God and there is nothing too grand or chip for Him.

You see the ball is totally in your court…will you trust the Lord with all your heart and above all else? Will you stop trying to figure everything on your own? Will you listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go? Will you stop assuming you know it all and run to God?

God is the only one who can keep you on track, making your paths straight! Take a step today and let God!

Psalm 37;4 Proverbs 3;5&6


  1. Sandy Lindstedt

    That is Awesome! And so true God is concerned with our everyday life. He said he even knows the number of every hair on our head, so He is very detailed oriented! Hope you enjoyed your chips.

    • Kiumbiro Murigu (Author)

      Thank you Sandy for that comment. Yes, I totally enjoyed the chips, just the way I like them…dry! 🙂

      God is truly amazing! He always makes me feel so special with the details and specifics…love Him!!

  2. How so true. Thank you Jesus for reminding me, yes Lord, again. For your love and patience, am forever grateful..

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