Life is a lemon

Just as I was getting ready to get my sunglasses out of the drawer and start wearing Spring clothes….Sweden decides that winter is not over yet and a layer of snow covers the ground. What a setback! Life is definitely not always very predictable, and I guess I just have to blame myself for living here in Scandinavia instead of my beloved second home, Kenya.

Even though life can sometimes make a turn that you didn’t expect God has given so many great promises that He will never leave you or forget you. He doesn’t say He’ll not allow things to happen, but says that He’ll help you through.

Someone once said: “When life throws lemons at you, you can actually decide to make yourself some great lemonade!”. So I think that’s what I’ll do, dream about a great glass of ice-cold lemonade in a wonderful warm climate. Have a great day!
/Pastor Mark


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