My Season

The colors of the autumn trees are intoxicating, a master piece of God’s handiwork. As I take this picture, I am more than aware that this is not the first time I have seen this breath-taking scenery. It is certainly a divine art-exhibition recurring each fall season. However, being a person who tremendously appreciates color, I can never seem to get enough of it. It still excites me and cajoles me into a surreal world of intimacy and gratitude.

This consistency is the nature of God; always faithful. That’s just who He is, that even when we are faithless, He remains faithful.

What He promises comes to pass. As sure as the recurrence of each season, so is His faithfulness. One can never seem to get enough of it, bringing abundant joy and drawing us to a deeper level of intimacy with Him and filling us with an attitude of gratitude.

I encourage you to make this your appointed season; a season where you purpose to experience and rest in the faithfulness of God. All you need to do as a believer is to know what God promises, stand on His promises and watch Him fulfill that which He promised.

What is it that is challenging you today? What does God’s word say about that specific situation? Lift it up to God in prayer, declaring and believing His word and expect to receive in Jesus name, amen!

Psalm 119:89  2Timothy2:13  2Corinthians1:20


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