Our volunteer highlight this month is, the lovely Ali Reza Armani Nabi.

Having originated from Iran, lived in India for very many years and now living in Sweden, Ali Reza is a multilinguist with Farsi, Hindi, English and Swedish in his pocket.

He is a fun and service oriented man whose passion for service and cooking got him devoted to the Refreshments Ministry as well as the Manna Ministry.

Since 2014, Ali Reza has been volunteering in the refreshments ministry. With a team, Ali-Reza  takes care of the refreshments after every Sunday service. This entails deciding what will be served, shopping for the ingredients, cooking the food and serving the food/snacks/refreshments.

He is also part of the Manna team since 2016, where he cooks and distributes food items to church members  as well as those in need in the society.

You will often find Ali Reza laughing or smiling in service…or telling a funny story. If you ask him why he serves, he’ll let you know that He is inspired by Jesus Christ Who loves to serve others. He adds on that serving others is a gift from The Holy Spirit.  

Moreover, helping someone whenever and with whatever he can, makes him feel good. It is for this reason he always works with different ministries in the church when they ask him for help.

Here is Ali Reza’s advice to all believers:

“Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, find your own gifts and work for the kingdom of God. JESUS loves those who serve the church in any level, with love and respect, and will cut off those who don’t bear fruit…come together and work for God’s kingdom.”

Finally, Ali Reza is careful to point out that all the power he has comes through Holy Spirit!!

Thank you Ali Reza for your service to the Church, we are happy and blessed to have you. May God reward you accordingly.


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