Our volunteer focus this month is on the wonderful, Namina Sanko from Sierra Leone. Namina started serving in the church when she became a Christian and has been serving ever since. She describes her voluntary work in the church as ‘her calling as a child of God’ and is ready to serve in whatever area and capacity she can.

Currently, Namina serves in both the cleaning and ushering departments (ministries) here in Smyrna. One would think that just being in one ministry is a hard commitment but for Namina, it is no challenge at all as she does it with all her heart and enjoys it. She continues to point out that serving in the house of God (church) brings joy to her heart that is unexplainable. This joy makes her more willing and she just wants to do more and more. This has led  her to be in two cleaning groups in the church.

We asked Namina what her experience had been so far in these two ministries, and this is what she had to say, “My experience has been wonderful! I’ve met people  who have shared with me their love for service in the Church, I’ve met old people in their 60’s and 70’s serving – they wake up so early just to do what they feel they are called to do in the house – it’s just beautiful to see.”

As a matter of fact, Namina iterated how necessary and very important it is to serve in the house of God. She believes that everyone has a calling and if one is unsure of their calling, they should ask the Lord in prayer.

She continued to encourage anyone who wants to, or is thinking about serving in the house of God, “it is beautiful to serve others and above all, there is a great reward in heaven waiting for you and it starts right here…!”

She ended by pointing out that, “I am working for the Lord and not for men. So this is between me and my God.”


Thank you Namina for your heart of service. We are truly  inspired and blessed by you!!


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