Your story for His glory

I was watching a Greys Anatomy TV episode the other day, where neurosurgeon Dr. Amelia Shepherd while at work comes face to face with a friend from her past who she had met in a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. When her “friend” learns that Amelia is set to operate on her parents who were injured in a fire, she freaks out refusing her to perform the surgery while blurting out all the gory details of Amelia’s jaded past. It takes no time for everyone in the hospital to find out about Amelia’s past struggles with drug abuse, potentially ruining her confidence, career and the fresh slate she has created for herself in the new area code.

This got me thinking how just like Amelia, many of us struggle with the past, trying to keep it under cover. We want the past to remain in the past and so we carry with us a burden of secrets. We move from a relationship, a job, a country, hoping to erase and forget the mistakes. We work so hard to go through motivational speeches, therapy, hypnosis, make-overs and what nots in order to bury the bad experiences of yesterday and create for ourselves a new start…embracing the new me!

While all of that effort is good and works for a moment, it is temporary and fleeting! There’s another way that is perfect, breeds no guilt or shame, overcomes through testimonies of the past, promises a life of freedom, gives progressive and lasting results and takes less human effort. This route is through faith in Jesus Christ!

Let me explain…when ANYONE believes in Jesus Christ and repents, they become a NEW CREATION; the past is gone and behold the new comes! What literally happens is that The HolySpirit -the spirit of God- begins to reside in this person. Through The HolySpirit, one is now able to have communion with God, activating their true self found only in God. With one’s continual willingness for the HolySpirit to do His work, the original God-like image is gradually restored. The attitudes, character, desires and the whole makeup of the person begins to change with time.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, who I am today is not who I was yesterday! Moreover, unlike Amelia in the story above, my change:

  1. Is absolutely perfect and divine! What God does is absolutely perfect, and it is through His Spirit living within me, a work that is impossible for any human to do.
  2. Breeds no guilt or shame because The HolySpirit gives me freedom that takes away every fear of man’s expectations and demands.
  3. Is my testimony: It is my personal story of my daily victory in God through Jesus Christ! My personal story of the demonstration of God’s power which is not a secret but a glorious story to encourage others and a powerful weapon against the devil!
  4. Gives me confidence in this life and in the life to come: My identity is restored and I see myself as God sees me. Furthermore, I see my place in the future plan of God…full confidence!
  5. Gives me a new vision: One gets a new identity and the right divine perspective concerning all things, people and situations.
  6. Is an ongoing process, an active and exciting process being renewed on a daily basis, learning from my Father God.

As believers, our stories of the past are beneficial to encourage others, to show off God’s power and as a powerful weapon against the devil. We are not afraid, ashamed or guilty of our past…we are overcomers through Jesus Christ!!

I invite you to enjoy this journey of life in freedom, through Jesus Christ.  No guilt or shame of the past, as you step into the new that God has for you!

2 Corinthians 5:17, Revelation 12:11, Romans8:1, John 8:36


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